Will Your Furnace Last All Winter?

We have already had our first glimpse into winter this year. Have you thought about whether your furnace is ready for the change in temperature? Before the cold sticks around for longer than a week, here are the top three tips to make sure your Cold Winterfurnace is winter-ready.

  1. Replace your filter

Furnace filters should be replaced every two to three months depending on the type of system you have, and the quality of filter you are using. It’s possible you don’t remember the last time you changed your furnace filter, since you have not been using the unit for quite a few months. As a general rule, your filter should always be free of dust and debris. For more information see our FAQ “How do I change my furnace filter?”

Reminder: always remember to shut off your furnace power before attempting to replace your filter for safety reasons.

  1. Double check your vents and registers

The first time you power up your furnace you will want to pay attention for any strange noises in your vents. Also, you should walk around your home to make sure there is nothing blocking your heat registers; furniture, drapes and toys can all be a fire hazards. The registers may also need to be adjusted in order to achieve a consistent temperature throughout your home. Warm air rises, so you may want to restrict airflow to all the warmest rooms, thereby increasing airflow to the coolest rooms.

  1. Schedule an annual maintenance

Arranging for a professional to inspect your furnace will ensure your unit is functioning at its best. When your furnace runs well there are many benefits: it runs less frequently, burns less energy, and heats more efficiently. Furnace service also ensures that clean air is passing through your unit, making your home dust and allergen-free.

Reminder: if you have a warranty with your furnace, it likely stipulates that you need to have an annual maintenance performed in order to be covered.


Happy Anniversary To Us!

On November 20th the Hy-Mark team, and special friends of Hy-Mark, came together to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Hy-Mark is 10 years old. The past 10 years have brought much growth for our company.Hy-Mark Anniversary

Hy-Mark started with a Residential HVAC focus, and now has grown to include Commercial and Retro-Fit departments. We have even expanded into Plumbing services for all these departments as well. What is a celebration without food? We ate delicious cake and the smell of coffee and excitement was in the air. We marked this special occasion at our new facility. What better way to celebrate the past 10 years, we got to see our new home and look down the road to 10 more years of success.

There has been much that we as a company have learned over these last 10 years. One thing we know for certain is that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the loyalty of our amazing customers. A special thanks to everyone, and we look forward to hearing from you for all your future heating, cooling and plumbing needs.