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July Promotion: System Air Balance

Why get an Air Balance?Living-room-home-comfort

Did you know that the rooms in your home are not created equal when it comes to air flow requirements? Smaller rooms will need less air flow to get to a desired temperature than larger ones. And that south facing, sunny room will require less heating in winter to warm up, but more cooling in the summer to overcome the ambient heat.

This means that if your heating/cooling system is set on the same settings all year round, it is not operating at peak efficiency. Most systems are set up to compromise between the needs of each season, but if your house experiences extreme temperature swings an air balance is needed.

Hy-Mark can help! Throughout July, an air balance is only $89.99. Our licensed technicians will measure and calibrate air flow to each room to your liking.

Call our office to book your air balance appointment today 800 727 0750.

*Price does not include repair of incomplete or damaged venting that limits air flow.

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