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RHG Referral Program

In following our ‘One Team’ mentality we want to reach out as we need your help to grow.  In order to build our service and retro-fit sales you all play an integral role.  We invite all RHG members to participate in our Referral Program.

Who is a great candidate to refer? Referral Program graphic representation

Network of people:

      • Family
      • Friends
      • Neighbours
      • Community Peers

In Need of:

      • Service repairs
      • New HVAC and Plumbing equipment (AC, Furnace, Water Heater, Water Softener)
      • Fireplaces

How to Refer?

Ever find yourself in a situation where you had the opportunity to talk to someone about a product or service that Hy-Mark offers? Did you know what to say?  Below are some great examples that you can reference to build the conversation into a referral lead.

Word of Mouth

Included are some Hy-Mark overview brochures that you can reference when you are having a conversation with your peers.  Let the brochure do the talking for you.  Your peers will respect your opinion and it goes a long way to build trust when you say that you work for the same company.

Tip: Make sure to include a referral card when handing out the Hy-Mark overview.  There is a monetary reward for you, and the person you are referring is given a discount on purchases. Consider the referral card as the Hy-Mark version of the golden ticket!

Social Media
Word spreads quickly on social media and you likely have a large group of contacts!  Here are some tips to gain referrals using social media:


    • Like or share our Facebook page (Hy-Mark Canada) so your fellow contacts can do the same
    • Share a comment ‘Summer is here, need a new AC?  Contact my friends at Hy-Mark for a great deal and tell them I sent you!’ and don’t forget to use our name so it will appear on our Facebook page as well and we can track your great referral.


    • Re-tweet any comments you like on our Twitter page and share useful information with your social media contacts
    • Tweet a comment ‘Did you know the lifespan of your water heater and water softener is 10-15 years?  Need a new one?  Contact my friends at Hy-Mark for a great day and tell them I sent you!’  Don’t forget to use our twitter handle @HyMarkCanada so we can see your great work.

There are many more opportunities to spread the word about Hy-Mark on social media.  We even have frequent blog posts that you can share with your contacts too.  Feel free to get creative!


Have you ever forwarded the Hy-Mark Monthly Promotions to your contacts?  This is a great way to spread the news about our most recent promotions.  We also have referral emails already developed and ready to be sent.  Please reach out to Becca Londner ( for an email that can be distributed to all your contacts.
Why Participate?
When you take any of the actions listed below you will automatically be entered into a quarterly draw to win a $250 Pre-Paid Visa and catered lunch for you and your team courtesy of Hy-Mark.  The winner will be announced at our Heritage Huddle meetings and emailed out to our RHG team.  The amount of times your name can be entered into the draw is limitless!

How to Enter

      • Hand out referral cards – we will collect and enter it into the draw (even if a sale wasn’t made)
      • Tweet out a comment about @HyMarkCanada or re-tweet one of our comments
      • Share or Like our Facebook page
      • Send an email to your contacts – bcc Becca Londner ( and we will enter you into the draw for every contact that is included on the email.  For example: 20 contacts equal 20 ballots for the draw.

Sound easy?  That’s because it is!  Thanks for your support!

Head Office

5068 Whitelaw Road, Unit #4
RR6, Guelph ON N1H 6J3
Phone: 519 822 6656
Toll-Free: 800 727 0750

Collingwood Office

Unit 1D, 395 Raglan Street
Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z1
Phone: 705 446 9701
Toll-Free: 800 727 0750

London Office

179 Exeter Road, Unit C
London ON N6L 1A4
Toll-Free: 800 727 0750

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