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Property Maintenance

Get a customized HVAC and plumbing maintenance program tailored to your property’s needs. Call us today at 800-727-0750 or email us and tell us what we can do for you.

Heating – Whether your property uses gas furnaces, air handlers, or all-in-one packaged systems (PTAKs), we can help.

Cooling – You know exactly how unhappy your residents will be if their air conditioning breaks down on a 30 degree summer’s day. The best way to avoid breakdowns is with preventative maintenance. We work on air conditioners, heat pumps, rooftop A/Cs, all-in-one packaged systems and more.

Air Quality – Avoid “sick building syndromes” like sneezing, headaches, and tiredness. We will maintain your filtration and ventilation equipment and recommend solutions for air quality problems.

Water Treatment – We look after all your water conditioning and filtering equipment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis, iron/sulfur filters, etc.

Do you need a water softener? Hard water can corrode plumbing fixtures and clog appliances like coffee makers and washing machines.

Do you need water filtration? If your property’s water has floating particles, a bad smell, or yellow colouration filters can help.

Ask us for a free water quality test to see if your property would benefit from water softenening or filtration.

Backflow Prevention Devices – Did you know that all commercial properties have these devices, and that by law they need to be tested annually? Hy-Mark’s licensed plumbers can test this and keep you in compliance all regulations.

Particularly in large properties where many people use and rely on equipment, maintenance is important for preventing breakdown and extending system lifetime. It also may be necessary for keeping your warranties valid. Call us today at 800-727-0750 or email us and tell us what we can do for you.

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24 Hour Service

Hy-Mark offers 24/7 Emergency Service for no-heat, no air conditioning and plumbing needs!*
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