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Main Drain Issues

Main Drain Sewer Pipe

Does your home have slow draining water, bad drain odour, or stained ceilings or walls?  These could all be signs of a problem in your main drain line.

The solution? Having a Main Drain Inspection at the first sign of a problem, before it becomes bigger.  Hy-Mark offers a thorough and professional Main Drain Inspection at a competitive price. Our licensed plumbers will camera scope your drain and show you exactly what the issue is… and more importantly, be able to fix it quickly at a competitive rate.

The Basics

Every home has an underground main drain line connecting to the city sewer line.  When that sewer line crosses the property line, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining and fixing that pipe.

Main Drain Issues

Some of these issues are inexpensive and unobtrusive to fix.  It is always best to have a plumber take a look as soon as you notice the problem.   You’ll be glad you did when a small issue left untreated doesn’t become a big, expensive repair down the road.

Common Issues Include

Tree Root Infiltration: Trees within 30 feet of a main drain can penetrate certain types of pipes with tiny hairlike root ends. Over time these roots grow and expand, causing breakage in the pipes.  Learn more about tree root damage.

Sagging: Following construction, the ground settles around the main drain dig area. If it settles too much, or there was not enough supporting fill, the line can sag. The result is dips in the pipe that do not have sufficient water flow and collect debris.

Corrosion: Old pipes (installed before 1970) are made of material that can rust and degrade over time.

Mineral Build-up: Water contains minerals like calcium which leave deposits over time, forming blockages. Areas with hard water are particularly susceptible.

Pipe Scaling Build-up: Deteriorating older pipes leave pieces that settle in the bottom and build up.

Collapse: Pipes weaken from ground pressure and collapse.

Frost Heave Damage: Pipes sustain damage when the ground swells upwards during a heavy frost.

These issues are serious and can cause broken pipes leading to flooded basements or large replacements. Luckily, you’re more likely to avoid these large plumbing problems by catching problems early with a Main Drain Inspection.

Correction and Prevention

After we provide a Main Drain Inspection, we will help you choose the corrective solution that’s right for you.  No job is too big or too small. Hy-Mark proudly provides the following services for your drain care:

  • Augering
  • Flushing
  • Excavation and pipe replacement
  • Pipe re-lining
  • Annual preventative maintenance

 Enlist the professionals at Hy-Mark to look after your home’s drains and protect your investment while avoiding hassle. Call us for pricing and scheduling 800 727 0750.



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