Get discounts when you tell your friends or family about Hy-Mark

To show our appreciation for your support, we will send you a gift of Hy-Mark Bucks good for any of our products or services.

We will send you $25 in Hy-Mark Bucks every time you:

  • Refer a new customer to Hy-Mark
  • Review us online

Remember, there’s no limit to how many referrals you can give. So keep spreading the word about us, and you’ll keep earning.


How will you know I referred someone?

We ask all of our customers where they heard about us. If they give your name and contact information we email or mail you Hy-Mark Bucks.

Does the person I refer have to make a purchase for me to receive my Hy-Mark Bucks?

Not necessarily. We reward you if your friend makes a purchase or gets a quote from a Comfort Advisor on new equipment. We reward you to say “thanks” for your confidence in us.

How do I redeem my Hy-Mark Bucks?

Simply show them at time of purchase.

Are Hy-Mark Bucks transferable?

No, they are just for you.