When it comes to the water your family drinks, bathes, and washes with daily there should be no compromise on quality. As your local water quality experts, we can help you outfit your home to protect the safety and improve the look, smell and taste of your water.

Our trusted partner Greenway Water Technologies has premier products for any water issue. Ask us about other brands not found here.

The Results You Want
  • Hard water conditioning
  • Reduced impurities
  • 99.9% destruction of bacteria such as e coli and salmonella
  • Removal of particles
  • Removal of odours and discolouring factors
Everything You Need
  • UV lights
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Carbon filters
  • Tannin filters
  • Turbidity filters
  • Sulfur filters
  • Iron filters
  • Additional filters
  • The Hy-Mark Difference

    Unsure of your water’s quality? Our comfort advisors can provide free water quality testing to measure factors including hardness, total dissolved solids and levels of iron, sulfur, chlorine. Contact us for details.

    Well Water

    Water from well systems is susceptible to contamination from external ground and surface factors. That is why it is recommended to combine a UV light with your well system to kill any bacteria that leaches into your water supply.

    Backflow Testing

    By law, commercial backflow prevention devices must be tested for proper function annually. Contact us for reasonable rates on backflow device inspections.