We Did it Again!

We are beyond excited to say that once again, Hy-Mark has been recognized as outstanding. We are part of the Reid’s Heritage Group of companies, and RHG has been recognized as One of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Small & Medium Employers Winner 2016 Employers for 2016!  

RHG made this list in 2015 as well.  This year, we can say the honour is even greater.  That’s because every year, 25 percent of the companies on the list are removed and replaced with new companies.  What that means is that every year our companies make this list, it is because we are not the same, but better than the year before.

From the RHG press release:

“This year, some of the reasons why the Group of Companies was selected as a recipient were:

  • Reid’s Heritage Group of Companies encourages employees to save a little for the longer term with matching RSP contributions 
  • Reid’s Heritage Group of Companies supports ongoing employee development with inhouse training, tuition subsidies for job related courses (to $1,000 each year) and subsidies for professional accreditation 
  • Reid’s Heritage Group of Companies is a forward looking home builder that’s a member of the Net Zero Energy Housing Council — a unique industry initiative that is leading the way in designing and building affordable homes that produce at least as much energy as they consume”

It is reminders like this that let us know that Hy-Mark is a truly special place to work and makes us proud to be part of the RHG team. We congratulate our other RHG companies on this win: Reid’s Heritage Homes, Reid’s Heritage Construction, and Reid’s Heritage Properties.