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    Contact Hy-Mark to get ahead on your AC maintenance needs in Guelph, ON. When temperatures start warming up, it’s time to turn off your furnace and switch to air conditioning. Don’t risk starting the summer with an older AC unit that could have inefficiency issues or malfunctioning parts. Give your family the best comfort possible by scheduling residential air conditioning maintenance services with our expert team in Guelph today.

    AC Maintenance in Guelph

    It’s best to test your home air conditioning in the spring when you don’t yet need it. This will help you spot any potential problems that can impact its usefulness in the coming months. Early warning signs to look out for include limited airflow, only blowing out cold air, or refusing to turn on at all. Search for any signs of animals, nests, or debris around the edges of your system that may indicate internal damage. You should also make sure there isn’t any leaking refrigerant, strange noises, or burning odors when it’s running. A malfunctioning air conditioner can also affect your home’s humidity level, making it feel muggy and uncomfortable.

    Experience these great benefits when you regularly schedule home air conditioning maintenance.
    • Keeps energy bills lowindoor ac unit repair
    • Maximizes indoor comfort
    • Prolongs system’s lifespan
    • Limits future repair needs
    • Boost indoor air quality

    Every summer, you’re likely tempted to hold off on calling for professional service until you notice a problem with your system. If your AC system doesn’t have any noticeable issues, you may even skip a few years of maintenance until your bills get too high or your indoor comfort plummets. Unfortunately, neglecting to call for routine service can worsen your system’s existing problems and cost you more in the long run.

    Lennox technician testing a newly installed air conditioning system

    What may start as a frayed motor belt or a small refrigerant leak can spread to compromise the unit’s safety and efficiency. You may be stuck with expensive repair costs or even have to get a premature system replacement. Caring for your AC will keep your utility costs manageable and your home comfortable. Minimize your risk of an air conditioning emergency this season by scheduling expert preventative HVAC maintenance.

    Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance Company

    Hy-Mark is your best choice for residential air conditioning maintenance in Guelph and the Tri-City area. At our core, we’re dedicated to delivering the best customer service and HVAC craftsmanship possible. We are constantly striving for excellence and always use the best equipment and materials. Our team has more than 18 years of industry experience enhancing the quality of life of our customers.

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